Saturday, 11 January 2014

Acknowledging Lukas

Following the weeks after we lost Lukas, the thought of having a headstone was something I couldn't bare thinking about. Its was something beyond imagination, there was no way I was going to get a headstone for my baby boy, they represent death and are cold and so official.
However somehow the weeks have turned into months, and my thoughts have changed. I feel as its time to acknowledge his identity this way, acknowledge the place where we said our last goodbye and the place where he lays. This sacred place. I feel comfortable with the idea of getting one now in contrast to the objection at first. I have given myself time, and have realized its all part of this journey. I don't think I ever would have thought of myself to be in this position in those early days where his death was just cold and cruel. My heart has warmed up a little, well actually a lot and this warmness I feel is something I want to embrace. I promised Lukas I would do everything I can to keep his memory alive, and this is part of it but its also a part of the healing and a part of his story.

We are currently trying to raise money to go towards his headstone, if you wish to donate please deposit to the following. 
Lukas's Memorial Fund

or PayPal using the following email

Or if you wish to purchase one of my Shine bright mason jars which also go towards his headstone please click here Shine Bright Mason Jars

We appreciate every small donation with all our hearts and we thank you so very much. Thank you for being part of Lukas's story xxx