Wednesday, 18 September 2013

Healing Steps Series: "Creativity"

Creativity is something that I have always loved but also something that I have never been that great at. I lack my mums natural art & craft skills, ideas and patience. But I have recently discovered that creativity is in all of us. Creativity is in me. Its something that I have discovered through this difficult time and I'm really enjoying it. I'm currently into decorating mason jars for candles. I love getting to use different textures and finding new ways to make them look pretty. Most of the resources I've used are just things I have hunted down around the house. Things that by a glance would have no 2nd purpose; old books, leftover gift ribbon and bags, my daughters stock of magical glitter and a collection of jars that I have somehow managed to collect over a couple of months. I've decorated a few jars already and I light them up at night, it ignites up a relaxed and peaceful atmosphere, I love candles and the way the flame dances. My partner jokes that my new obsession is going to burn the house down but I can reassure you I am not a arsonist!
These mason jar candles are not masterpieces but I do find making them very therapeutic, healing, and peaceful. For a moment of the day I can concentrate on what I'm creating and I have to admit there is a sense of pride and satisfaction at the end. Pinterest is great for inspiration, I love scrolling down and re-pinning ideas for future use. I have a bucket list of creativity! I've also started on my garden but its not looking too pretty at the moment!
Taking photos, blogging, poetry and quotes are all parts of creativity too. I guess I've always had a flare of creativity but its different now, its more alive and soulful . Its something that Lukas has awoken in me. Through him I have found my creativity and being creative is good for the soul.