Tuesday, 13 August 2013

Dear Lukas

You are four months today and I cant help to wonder what life would have been like if you were here, I cant help to think about the things you would be doing now.
Would you be giggling?
Would you be sleeping into a routine?
I wonder if I would need to rock you to sleep just like how I did with your big sister when she was a baby. She would fall asleep to Coldplay every night, I wonder what music I would play for you?
Would we have moved you into your cot now? I bet you would have definitely out grown the bassinet by now!
I wonder how much you weigh?
I wonder what your sister would be doing with you right now? I'm sure she would be helping me with you, dressing you ,maybe even changing your smelly nappies.
I wonder how Dad would play with you?
Would you be bouncing about on the bouncer Wela got you?
Would we be taking daily strolls in the pram to pick up your sister from school?
I wonder how much hair you have now?
All these little things I wonder about.
I wonder about you all the time.
It makes me sad that we never got to do all these little things with you.
But I also feel happy that I can still love you, I cant be doing all these things I wish we could do together but I can still give you all my love..and that's pretty special.

Love Mummy