Thursday, 27 June 2013

Precious Minutes

When Lukas was born I held him straight away, I remember feeling his warm slippery body in my hands as I positioned myself to place him on my chest. His skin so soft and warm against mine. I'm not too sure how long I was holding him, it wasn't long, but it was enough to look into his eyes, kiss his forehead, hear his cries and fall in love with him.
I have footage of the birth which my mum filmed, it wasn't planned. I wanted my mum at the birth as a support person but it turns out my lovely Justin did well on his own, no panic, no worries, just excellent. The labor was excellent, so smooth and natural. Mum was just watching so she filmed the whole thing.
I've watched the footage a couple of times, I was surprised by my first reaction to watching it, I just smiled, its not a everyday thing where you watch yourself giving birth!

I still smile with happiness when I watch the footage of those precious minutes of our baby boy. I can see him, I see Lukas, my son, my baby, alive and feisty, His cries and grizzles are like music to my ears. I see his dark eyes and his fluffy brown hair.
Its a perfect moment, of me, my partner, and our children all huddled together. My family.

(I just happened to receive a phone call from the NICU doctor while writing this blog post, the reports are yet to be released so we will not be getting any answers next month as we hoped.)

Snapshots of the footage

Moments after birth

Anjelina meeting her baby brother

Admiring Lukas (Proud Dad on the right and big sister on the left)

Feeling so proud of my children

Perfect family moment