Thursday, 6 June 2013

Dear Lukas

Dear Lukas,

We are so sad that you are not here with us, but we hope that you know how much mummy and daddy love you. We had so many dreams and hopes for you and we feel empty without you. 
We would have loved to see you grow and take you on many adventures. 
Daddy would take you fishing in his boat out to the ocean on a beautiful day. 
Mummy would take you to the beach and make sand castles with you. 
We would hold your hand as you took your first step and at your first day of school. 
Daddy says you would play rugby and he would take you to all your games. 
Mummy would bake lots of cookies for you (if your big sister didn't eat them all first!)
Mummy would love to kiss you and cuddle you and show you to all her friends. 

Daddy would take you for a drive in his "beast" (mummy thinks daddy's car is just loud and annoying shhh...)
Mummy would sing lullabies and rock you to sleep. 

Mummy and daddy would let you snuggle in our bed for lots of morning cuddles.
Mummy and Daddy miss you so much.

We wish you were here with us but we promise that we will do all we can to love you here on earth. 
You are our angel now, you are so special, you are our baby boy, you are our son. We love you Lukas.

Lots of love, Mummy and Daddy