Friday, 24 May 2013

Screaming from the inside

I feel like I'm screaming from the inside.
I want to run away to an isolated place and scream towards the skies.
I'm functioning from the outside but my brain is short circuiting from memories that are on repeat.
I rewind , I fast forward, I pause.

This process of wanting to know answers is tormenting me, why does it have to take so long? Why did my baby die? Can someone just please give me a dam answer!

I cant sleep, I cant think about anything else. I miss him so much.
These feelings are in-describable.
Its a sadness so painfully deep into my soul that a part of me feels like its dying. My heart is drenched in tears.

I look fine in other peoples eyes but inside I'm raging with uncertainty and fear. I don't feel strong, I feel like any day I could just collapse in my sorrows. I'm just surviving.
Surviving in a world that just keeps rotating.
Day after day, time just ticking away and I'm sitting here frozen as everything around me keeps going.